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Matchbox Revisited

I learned as a child that your favorite toys are much more likely to have a relatively short time on this earth. I remember countless entertaining toys that are at the sitting on the bottom of the Lycoming County landfill. I guess they are technically still on the Earth, buried down a couple meters, waiting for future archaeologists to excavate and opine upon.

Look at these beauties though – obviously well loved and the wheels still spin!

I am happy to report after a quick swing back to PA that our dearly loved Matchbox diecast vehicles have be passed along to Nephew Jack – and they are looking great! Technically they were passed through all three brothers, so this is the 4th young rascal to get the chance to live out elaborate car chases, dramatic rescues and the simple pleasure of a mammoth car accident.

I found a little patch of natural light and a vaguely white background for a 10 minute photo session. They might not mean a whole lot to the untrained eye, but looking at these little cars & trucks are childhood memories in the original steel!

View the Full Set

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Wires Above

Ever since I read  the amazing “Infrastructure,  a field guide to the industrial landscape” I have been fascinated with spotting the different pieces of the power/water/information grids that make our daily lives possible.

Abstracting these pieces from their surrounding environs is a bit difficult, hard to take photos of a water main or the inside of a power plant. However, there are some rare times when you can catch parts in just the right situation. I like this set of photos I snagged today of power/telecom lines & streetlights for this very reason!

More at Flickr….

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ShakèrnattE: a pictorial recipe

This is a special recipe post, my last concoction, TeaBR, was an abject failure – lesson learned! Without further ado:

Le ShakèrnattE


  • Freshly brewed espresso
  • Ice
  • Tangerine EmergenC
  • Fresh miniature kiwi slices (optional garnish)

Steps 2 Success:

  1. Layout all the ingredients for one attractive preliminary shot!
  2. Cook up some espresso
  3. Take a second to briefly admire your handiwork – dammmmn that looks good!
  4. Add ice to mini-cocktail shaker (novelty perfect-cube ice recommended) then pour one pouch of EmergenC (any flavor could work besides that disgusting acai flavor!)
  5. Add that cute lil’ cup of espresso you made in step 2 & patted yourself on the back on in #3
  6. Shake it! Yeah! (put lid on first!) and keep on going until that puppy is cold! Then pour it into an attractive awaiting pre-iced preferably glass receptacle…
  7. Not too shabby, amirite!?!

Taste Profile:
Unexpected – neither of the main ingredients able wins the battle for tastebud control, it ends up as an uneasy draw, a relaxed citrusy espresso blend. Not altogether unpleasant!

Two of the most important drinks in my life right now are both delicous splashes of energy and vitality. The simple rich creamy bite of a fresh espresso. The tangy vitamin C-y relief of a well prepared EmergenC. During a moment of relatively clarity today (9/4/2010) I realized that these two miracles of drink-ability had the potential to coexist in a single refreshing drink.

I have not been made sick from this drink yet, a good 10 minutes after finishing it, I believe that is a pretty major victory. You know what? I think I might actually make this again, I am feeling pretty great right now!

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Infrared Fun

infared06, originally uploaded by nate_marsh.

With a tripod and an infrared (note, 2 Rs!) filter you can take some pretty interesting urban landscapes. I like the faux-false color plus the ability to capture movement with a surreal almost dreamy softness – each of the exposures is between 20-40 seconds and then I converted them to greyscale, the come out of the camera with a pinky red hue.

I obviously have a lot to learn about controlling camera with this puppy on, but it was a wholly enjoyable process, check out the whole set!

Normal Scene (zzz):

Infrared Scene (!!!):

Full Set

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JP Pond Pano

JP Pond, originally uploaded by nate_marsh.

I rather like this view of JP Pond!

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Kitty, originally uploaded by nate_marsh.

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Leah Rolling on the Street

Leah Rolling on the Street, originally uploaded by nate_marsh.

Every day on the way home from work, I see this cat flopping around on the street, happy as can be!

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ColoPana, originally uploaded by nate_marsh.

You keep looking real pretty CO!

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